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Sweet Baby

I don’t know if its just because I’m pregnant, but I seriously feel like I see more pregnant people than usual these days. Like in the mall, walking around, in passing. Pregos are taking over!!! And I love it!



A pregnant woman, is a woman at her most beautiful self; in my opinion. Yes, I know, if you know me well enough you know that I complain a ton in my pregnancies, but still, its such a miraculous time that all you can see is the beauty in it. Every time I see someone looking at a pregnant woman they always have a smile on their face.  People understand what she is enduring, the miracle that is taking place and that she is going to have a beautiful bouncy baby in the end.



I had the opportunity to shoot this cute little family for a maternity shoot. Let me tell ya, she’s due in a month so she has like 3 months on me, and the moves she could do, I only could dream of doing. Bending down to pick up a bottle off the floor is enough of a stretch for me. This mom-to-be was doing full on yoga moves. I have to admit, it scared me at times because I was afraid that she was going to fall over, but she’s a pro, she teaches yoga at Yoga and Beyond in Kensington (and was still teaching┬ásome classes at the time of this shoot), and was so in tune with her body and so focus that she made it look so effortless. The best part her little mini me wanted to participate as well. He was better than me at some of these moves and hes only 2! After this shoot I was motivated to do some prenatal yoga, so I went home to do some and I went into a downward dogand had to fall over to get out of it :\. I’ll try again after baby is born.

This was such an incredible shoot, she was so carefree and willing to do it all and so was family. Little Jasper and dad were having a blast the whole time that it didn’t even feel like a shoot, just us hanging out on a Sunday afternoon.

I can’t wait to see this baby!!!


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