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All the Stars are Closer

The thing about cake smashes is….well anything goes! Honestly, I really cannot predict what will happen at a cake smash, its like a magic 8 ball you never know where they will land. But typically there are five types of babies at these sessions. There is:

The-let-me-at-it Baby
The-can’t-contain-my-excitement Baby
The-I-just-want-to-eat-this-entire-cake-with-no-emotion Baby
The-I-feel-like-this-is-a-trap Baby
and then there is
The-terrified-and-I-don’t-want-to-do-anything-but-cry-my-face-off Baby

That last one makes an appearance every so often and once they are at that point, there is no coming back from it. We try our best to calm baby down, we let them play a bit, take them out of the studio and into the play area to take a break, but once we bring them back and they know whats happening, its a downward spiral. This is why I usually begin these sessions with some fun pictures sans cake, get the baby use to the environment. We take some pictures with mom and dad and siblings if we have them. Then we introduce cake, and there is always a 50% chance that baby will freak out.

This is ok. We can still get some really great images, and we can get some super dramatic images that will probably tell a waaaaay better story then they shots you expected to take.

This was the case with poor Jett. He was super happy when he got here, we took a few images with his older brother and some with the family and everyone was having a great time. But then we stripped him down and plopped him in front of a cake and within five minutes he was crying. We tried everything, we thought he was cold or didn’t like to be naked so we put jeans on him, when that wore off, we tried to play some games away from the cake, and when that failed we cut out a piece of the cake to show him that he could eat it (it was super delicious by the way, thanks Gold Box Bakery!) and that lasted another 5 minutes and then we let his brother try it out and well he dove right in! LOL, we tried for an hour and even though we got some good shots with the cake we got more of him crying! After an hour we called it in, I had some great shots prior to the tears and mom actually said lets just get some of him crying and I sat and would wait for that dramatic baby cry they all do and I have to say those are probably my favourite because they are so cute, funny and animated. Like I said, those ones tell the best story.

So if your baby comes by for a cake smash and it ends (or starts) in tears don’t worry, we can get some great images that you were expecting to love and some that you loved more that were completely unexpected.


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