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You’ll Be In My Heart

Good Afternoon Everyone!!!

Hopefully you’re enjoying your Sunday afternoon. I’ve been anticipating posting these pictures of little Princess D. I fell in love with her instantly. She was just so precious and honestly the size of my hand. I have never handled such a tiny baby, she looked like such a doll from her teeny tiny button nose to her little pouty lips. Mom and dad are in trouble with this one! She’s going to get whatever she wants!

Poor thing had a hard time adjusting to her environment, which I think the everyday person doesn’t quite understand when it comes to shooting babies. I like to let clients know right off the bat before we book a newborn session that it could take anywhere from 1 hour to possibly 4 hour if not more. You have to remember this little baby is in a different environment and with someone who doesn’t smell like mommy. Babies associate comfort with smell. So for some babies as soon as someone else holds them they realize this isn’t mom and they panic. Which isn’t very off from being older, even us as adults, take us out of our comfort zone and the majority of us feel uneasy and uncomfortable right away and its a hard thing to shake until you have calmed down and we know we are going into unfamiliar territory; now imagine a baby going into that, its 100 times scarier they don’t know what to expect. Then you have some babies who don’t care who’s holding them ever, which makes my job really easy! But if the baby is not at ease and then the parents, especially mom, isn’t at ease and stressing out because baby isn’t cooperating, that baby senses it instantly and its very hard to calm them down again. So I like telling parents, just remain calm, baby is fine just in an unfamiliar place and thats why they are crying. If mom is calm and baby needs to be fed, almost 9/10 the baby relaxes instantly. Its truly is a beautiful thing.

Poor princess D took over 5 hours to calm down completely, at which point I think she just exhausted herself and the best shots we got were the last ones. Which is totally fine. We all have different temperaments, even from day 1. 🙂 I actually liked the fact that she took so long because I didn’t want to let her go, she was just so precious, and mommy was so calm it helped in between each shot to feed her and let her sleep for a few minutes before we got her ready for the next shot.

She was about 3 weeks old which is kind of old for me to do a newborn shoot, but she was also due on the day we did her shoot. She arrived a few weeks earlier than expected, so we felt that she would be good for doing a shoot at 3 weeks. Ideally between day 3-14 is the best time to do newborn pictures because baby is still in the sleepy stage where they will sleep anytime. But for some moms its hard to just get out of the house for an appointment at that time. so there really is nothing wrong with waiting a week later, we just have to be mindful of baby’s temperament at that point, they become more aware of their surroundings and sound and light and start to awake more due to all these things. Hence the 4 hours shoot lol. But like they always say, slow and steady wins the race, and it always works for me to just give baby his/her time, space and mommy time they need to be comfortable again.

Enjoy the pictures!!!


d_037 d_035 d_031 d_027 d_024sep d_001 d_015 d_021

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