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you + me = three!

It has been toooo long, far tooo long since I last did a blog post. I forgot twice to do a post on two different sessions and then it became the furthest thing from my mind. Which is upsetting because I actually love doing it. I get to reminisce on the session that I’m posting. And I get to go back a view the images that we got out of that special moment I had to share with these people. There is always a memory that distinctively stands out from the session and I usually get to put it do as part of the story of how that session went and then the parents get to have a little slice of that moment to share and keep forever as well.


Its all part of the story I get to tell.

So lets divulge into this story and the maybe not-so-warm memories.

This session took place last Sunday, and I don’t think most of us went out last Sunday, or if you did you ran to the location you needed to be at.

Not this Momma.


I checked the weather that morning to make sure it wasn’t planning on getting any worse than they already -17 it was going to be. I noticed it had crept down to -20 so I let our couple know and momma-to-be said, yeah we should be fine. After all, she felt like a sauna lately, being 8 months pregnant and all!


So we met up at our outdoor location with hats mitts, three layers of socks and pants and this pretty lady showed up in a floor length gown and her coat, which I should add, she shed for about 75% of the session. She was a trouper!! While we were all freezing with red noses dripping, she was stunning and absolutely flawless.

She was so worried about delivery and being ready for baby, and I told her, hun, if you can handle standing in -20- -22 weather for an hour with out a coat, you can do anything!



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