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You Better Work, Cover Girl

First and foremost, Happy New Years everyone!!! Hope all of you are kicking of the new year on the right foot, us, well….we have been dealing with a bit of an infestation that has taken over our entire days and nights and left us stressed and exhausted and our hands peeling from all the disinfectant and bleach we are using, but by tomorrow I think we should be done or at least on the right path to putting this behind us (hopefully, fingers crossed). Hallelujah! On the plus side my house is in immaculate shape. Everything is glistening with sparkle and organized like the best how-to-organize-your-home pinterest page you can find which makes me feel really good :).

Unfortunately everything else I was supposed to be working on has been put on the back burner until I could get myself and our house out of this disaster.

But here I am back into the work flow and if feels so good. I did a few shoots before the holidays started, and as holidays go, I didn’t get a chance to post any of them and due to my infestation haven’t really gotten a chance to finish anything. They will all be up soon I hope, but for now here is one shoot that I got to finish before the new year and I had such a blast doing.

I got to team up with my lovely BFF over at size_inapplicable to do another fun, fall/winter shoot in the downtown core. We had such a good time and a few laughs along the way, tip of advise: on weekends most +15 washrooms and most building washrooms are not available. We decided to park in one spot and take 2¬†suitcases filled with clothing, makeup and accessories, thinking we could change wherever we wanted, we were wrong. LOL. At the end we just started hiding in corners changing for the next shot, we were stressed at the time but laughed it off at the end of the day. We decided to cram everything into one day and with my being pregnant and constantly sick and nauseated we gave up by 5:00 pm we were both so exhausted and hungry and just started to show in some pictures. Modeling is hard work y’all!!!

But we ended up getting some stellar shots! Which at the end of the day is all we wanted. Here’s a few to look at but be sure to follow size_inapplicable on intagram to see the rest and listen to the great, fun and meaning for messages she has to share.

Til next time!!!


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