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Tummy, Sitter and Cake Smash Sessions

Do you have a baby who is between 3-10 months old?
Is your baby just learning how to sit? Or rolling around?
Did you miss on the opportunity to take newborn pictures of your baby?
Did you take newborn pictures but just can’t get enough of your baby?(We are in that category ūüėć)
Whatever the case may be, a Tummy or Sitter Session is a great way to get some pictures of your baby’s milestones!!! Around 3 months and up is when baby becomes very interactive and recognises sounds and emotions and can respond with giggles and smiles and cute little movements. Who doesn’t want those memories for a lifetime? Baby is only this size for such a short time make you sure you get a chance to capture it!¬†
What Exactly are Tummy and Sitter Sessions?
Tummy Session is a great session to do around the 3 month- 6 month stage. This is when baby is starting to understand facial expressions and is learning to mimic them, which is why they smile when your smiling and they get super excited when they see your face. They are also learning to move around, grab their fingers, stretch those cute little legs and spend more time on their tummies and work on those neck muscles, these pictures are my fave!!! These are great pictures to take to see how much baby has changed and grown since those newborn days.
Sitter Session is typically done when baby is able to sit up unaided but still isn’t able to crawl just yet. Because every baby is different we recommend booking this session between 6-10 months. We can get some great images of your baby’s personality,¬†traits and for some babies we get a shot of their first couple teeth!!! Images of happy smiles, full out laughter and sometimes some tears (crying pictures are the best for gag cards and memes!), because you know when a baby has laughed for a few minutes they usually end up crying for some unknown reason and then 5 seconds later they are laughing again.
Cake Smash/Birthday Sessions are probably the funnest of the all the baby sessions. They are typically done around the 11-12 month mark. You can bring baby and a couple outfits (and then some clothes to change into afterwards….for you and your baby). If you have a special birthday outfit for baby we can photograph them in that outfit first and then change them for their cake smash outfit. This is a really simple shoot: 1 baby + 1 small cake*= cake smash!!! We take some pictures of baby alone first, then cake alone and then we put them together for some fun and messy pictures. Some kids get REALLY messy, but no worries we have a bathroom that you can bathe baby in right after the shoot so they aren’t going home covered in cake.
*we can provide you with the cake!!
We have a studio chock full of great props and soft textiles that babies of these ages just love! So bring your baby down for a fun shoot with us!!!
Give us a shout if you are interested in a Tummy Session or a Sitter Session!!!
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