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Throwback Thursday: Urban St. Donair

Happy Brrrr-Thursday Everybody!!!

I never realised how hard it is to get three kids ready to go in the morning on a cold wintery day. I feel like I need to wake up at 5:00 am just to get myself and them all ready to go. Every morning I leave my house the same way the McAllisters do in Home Alone when they realise they are late. Every. Dang. Morning.

This morning I left ready to go and grab some groceries after I dropped my daughter off at school but as I pulled my car out of the garage and saw the disaster outside I decided against taking a 4 month old and a 2 year old grocery shopping in this mess. That and the radio had a lengthy list of accidents around the city, so staying home sounded like a great idea. Came back home, unpacked the kids, cleaned up a bit and then it hit me-I was famished. I hadn’t eaten yet. I was thinking of what I wanted to eat when all of the sudden all I could think of was chicken shawarma. Mmmmmm. And the last time I had a delicious chicken shawarma was when I went to do a photo shoot over at Urban St. Donair.

I remember walking into the restaurant that day and getting hit in the face with all the great smells of meat cooking and fresh ingredients ready to be placed on a plate and in my belly. All I could think of was, here I am taking pictures of all this aromatic food and I can’t focus because all I want to do is eat everything I shoot.

The owner Sami was working away preparing all these meals for our shoot along with his staff and they were having just as much fun as I was! Every plate was filled to the brim with such colorful and flavourful food, I couldn’t help but have a taste of everything. He also made this donair poutine that looked just as amazing as it sounds. Covered with donair meat, all the fixings of a donair on a bed of fries and topped with cheese and gravy…….are you salivating yet? What are you waiting for? go get some lunch at Urban St. Donair!!! They have some many different meals to choose from you are going to have to frequent this place often just to try everything!

I really hope it warms up soon so I can make another trip down there and get some delicious shawarma and poutine!!! If you are childless today or just plain hungry, I advise putting on your winter boots and jacket and heading on down there. Its most definitely worth going out in this weather for some good middle eastern food!

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