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Son of Man, A Man In Time You’ll Be

Hi folks!

Do you know how much I love Phil Collins? Here at Zeenni Photography we are huge Phil Collins fans. Also I love Disney’s Tarzan, so it just goes hand-in-hand. BUT you know what I love more than that? Seeing past clients return all grown up!!!!! This song was perfect for this little client.

We shot little Atlas’ one year pictures last year and he came back for his 2 year old shots and of course we had a blast with him! 2-year-olds have so much energy, whether they are happy, sad or in pain, its like a switch, LOL, one second happy, the next crying, then back to happy. Poor Atlas was teething the day we did his shoot, but you couldn’t tell! He brought so much energy I couldn’t keep up! Neither could his mom, who is also pregnant, and his grandma who really kept him going for us.

He wanted to show us all his cool moves, his jumping, his dancing and of course that he could do magic!

I was just so happy I could capture all his excitement, even though it exhausted me in the end of the 45 mins he was here, hahahaha.

He was also super excited that he was getting a new sibling as well!!! Congrats Atlas!!!! I’m sure you are going to be the best big brother ever!!!!

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