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My Little Coconuts

Hope all of you are enjoying your spring (cough cough, winter) break with your kiddos. Since it didn’t feel like spring outside I decided to do dress the kids up in cute spring clothing for a shoot.

Being a photographer, I love photographing my children at every stage. Especially that first year. There are so many changes that they go through, so quickly, and its as if you blink and you have missed it.

This is why I encourage friends and clients to photograph their children at each milestone. Its such an amazing keepsake for the future to look back and see how much they changed from newborn to 3 months to 6 months and 9 months and then a year. These pictures tell the story of your baby’s first year of life. It goes by so fast, that you sometimes don’t even have the time to take a few pictures, but put some time aside every couple months just to do that.

We offer a great package for a first year plan call The Peanut Plan and it starts with maternity and ends with a cake smash and in between you get a few more sessions that we can take all the images from and place in a beautiful book that tells the story of their first year.

My little peanut is now 9 months and I can’t even believe 9 months have come and gone so quickly. I took an hour out of our spring break and took some pictures of her as well as my other coconuts!

I hope you enjoy them and contact us if you would like some beautiful images of your coconuts as well!!soph_019 soph_025 soph_027 soph_030 soph_032 soph_034 soph_037 soph_040


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