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Lullaby and Good Night, in the Skies Stars are Bright

We cant get enough of this cutie!!!

He was so peaceful when he fell asleep and stayed that way for quiet a bit. Trust me, getting a newborn to sleep sounds super easy and it is probably one of the few things they do so it should just happen like clockwork right? WRONG. Most of the time when I shoot newborns, it takes them a while to actually fall into a deep sleep so that we can shoot. That is why I always advise parents prior to their session that it could last anywhere from 1 hour to possibly 4. :\

Thats only because baby is still getting use to the outside world and they are in a new environment with new smells, and the person handling them (moi) doesn’t smell like mommy. ┬áSo for most babies it does take some getting use to before they actually fall asleep so that we can start, but once they are in that sweet slumber and in dreamland, it is the most precious thing to capture, they are at ease, relaxed and just cute as a button.

Little Jett was just that when he fell asleep. So peaceful and happy and you could tell, I could move him around and he would wince a bit but then back off to dreamland. He was such a good trooper. Even when he awoke he would just stare at us, follow us around with his gaze. He was just too cute!!!

So was his little brother who was in love with taking a picture with him and showing him all the cool moves he could do. Toddler are so adorable around babies. They feel this sense of teaching, wanting to be affectionate and give lots of hugs and kisses and playing with them even though newborns do nothing. But Jasper just loved being around him and you could tell right away!

Enjoy your new bundle of joy!!!!

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