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Little Star

This was the last maternity shoot I shot before going on maternity leave myself. These shoots are soooo much easier to shoot instead of newborn, baby or toddler shoots when pregnant. LOL. I don’t have to dance around, sing, and do somersaults to entertain them, which is quite the sight at 8 months pregnant. Plus adults take instruction so much better than children. Hahahaha

This lovely couple is expecting their baby around the same time I’m expecting mine, we are literally a day apart. So we had a lot to talk about, this being their first and this my third. We exchanged some information, pregnancy woes and some deep belly laughs that almost knocked us both off our feet. Plus she was such a trooper! She looked great and was able to walk around everywhere and on everything, including balance beam style on rocks!!! (not recommend when your balance is completely off, aka pregnant. I would never put a pregnant woman in dangerous situation, or any woman or man; unless they really were getting on my nerves…jkjkjkjk. All joking aside,  I never would compromise someones safety in order to get a particular shot, nothing is worth someones safety, before everyone start ganging up on me. LOL) But we got some beautiful shots at this gorgeous lake right close by them. In the future they can bring their little bambino here and have some more memories of their own.

Congratulations H family!!!! Can’t wait to see the little guy!


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