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Let Her Have Cake!!!!

Happy New Years Everyone!!!!!

Yes, I know its the second week of January, but its still January and for as long as its January you can say Happy New Year. I’m sure that’s a real rule…. anyways, I hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed time with their family and friends.

Last year was a year of ups and downs for us, and we were just about ready to be done with 2017 until a little angel came by the studio to celebrate her first birthday!!! We shot Dahlia’s newborn pictures and we were so happy to see her again for her cake smash.

Most babies have a very weird reaction to cake smashes. Most people believe that all babies go nuts during a cake smash, and even though some babies do, truthfully, most babies are really apprehensive. Don’t underestimate a baby’s knowledge of a situation. They are a lot smarter than you think. After months of you telling them ‘no don’t touch that’, or ‘no, don’t eat that’; and then toss them in front of a cake and sit and watch them; they almost always look at you like- this is a trap. She was one of those babies.

Its pretty hilarious, but this is basically how 90% of cake smashes go:

You (parent) try and coax them into touching the cake, you put some on you hands and eat it and say “yummy!’, and they look at you like they are on to you. Then there’s me, someone they have never seen before and I’m trying to caox them too and talking to them and singing (very badly) and trying to make it fun and their eyes just go wide and they look at me like
‘who the hell are you? and what do you want with me? I don’t know you so I don’t like you’.
Then that usually results in tears and screams for a minute until mom and dad bring out baby’s favourite toy and start dancing and singing (also badly) behind me to get baby to at least crack a smile. But NO. Baby still believes this is a set up. We are all sweating and exhausted and have cake in our hair and then when we aren’t looking baby goes,
‘well that cake does look and smell good, maybe i’ll have a taste when they aren’t looking’, *eats cake*  ‘mmmm this is good, i” have some more……..mmm more………mmm more……OMNOMNOM’.
Thats when I start snapping like a mad woman. and within 20 mins baby is full and tired and the rest of us are covered in cake. So is baby, like really covered in cake. But its totally worth it.

Here are pictures from her cute cake smash!

Enjoy them and once again, Happy New Year, may this year bring you happiness, love and great memories!!!

da_001 da_003 da_009 da_011 da_018 da_020 da_024 da_026 da_031 da_036 da_038 da_041 da_043



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