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Karlanna and Jason

Like I stated before, chaos is a constant in our lives. This post has been sitting on my computer since Friday, my family had a pretty sad and rough weekend and I never got around to posting it and when I turned on my computer this morning it was the first thing I saw, and my face lit right up. So thanks Karlanna and Jason.kj_000s6

I LOVED this couple! They were so fun-loving, energetic and just all around a great couple!!! We had been discussing this wedding since May of 2015, and I felt like we became really good friends through all of the planning and preparation. Karlanna has such a loving and compassionate nature to her; it’s easy to see why Jason fell for her. These 2 were so comfortable with me it was so easy to shoot them, they were naturals!!! Knew exactly what to do an when to do it, they barely needed any direction; which makes my job A LOT easier.

The wedding party was just as easy-going and had a blast, I seriously just felt like they were working the shoot and I was just their to take pictures, which is how you always want a wedding to go. Everything becomes so much more fluid and looks like captures of a day, and a story being told instead of posed pictures that had been planned way in advance, we just went with the flow. Everyone had a such a good time including myself and every person we encountered that day-even though we were all roasting in the hot sun that day!! To Good Times and Great Memories!


Congratulations Karlanna and Jason!



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