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Hey Mama!

Its finally spring!!!! I’m so excited! The first couple days it was warm out I think we spent the entire afternoon and evening outside we were so excited! Then it got crazy cold the next day lol. Typical Calgary weather. But we will take it over snow! We actually got so excited that we went ahead a did one of our maternity sessions outside! There was still some snow on the grass in shaded areas but it looked really pretty in pictures. Plus if gives way to the story of how we had one of the worst winters in the past 20 years!

How beautiful is this momma to be?


She was getting over a cold and was still a trooper walking around and doing everything we needed to get the best shot. She was bending and moving as if she wasn’t pregnant, she was in better shape than me at 8 months pregnant! LOLOLmm_021 mm_026 mm_018 mm_014 mm_016 mm_031 mm_012 mm_020 mm_022


Can’t wait to see her little one once they are born!!!! Good Luck Momma M!!!

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