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Hello Gorgeous!!!!

Well we have finally made it back home, unpacked and settled in only to turn everything upside down again. Because, you know, we don’t know how to live unless its in sheer and complete chaos. We’ve been pretty MIA this summer with all the mayhem of summer weddings, family weddings, having all our family come to visit, going to visit family and trying to take a moment to breath in-between all of this. Remember, chaos. But we have been working too! I just haven’t had an opportunity to post anything all summer, and now that we finally figured out that my cold/bronchitis that I’ve had for 4 weeks is actually pneumonia, I can finally sit back, drug up and get to work on posting some of the fun things we’ve been doing!…chaos, again. I might actually start typing gibberish once the drugs kick in so I better go fast!!

Back in the middle of the summer I got the amazing opportunity to do a fun project with a really close friend of mine. This friend has always wanted to start a blog of all things makeup, fashion and lifestyle and never really got it going, whether it be nerves, or not really knowing where to start or just not feeling quite ready; even though everyone around her and people who had met her encouraged her to do so constantly, we all saw a little something in her. Finally, we were able to convince her that this is something she needs to do, she has the knowledge base, the look and the oh-so clever and sophisticated wit to go along with it. So we all got together and did a few shoots and now shes up and running and loving every minute of it as much as we are watching her do her thing!!! Her name is Sarah and she is the face behind Size_inapplicable on instagram. It’s filled with some beautiful shots, great looks, great ideas, some humor and some serious motivation. Here are a few shots of the shoots we did, but trust me when I say you will get a lot more from visiting her page. Go visit her, follow her and enjoy the wit, motivation and great ideas and looks she posts. Good Luck Sarah, we knew you could do it and of course do it looking gorgeous!!!






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