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Go Shorty, its Your Birthday!

You know the saying ‘you blink and you miss it’? Well that’s what this past year has felt like. When I was younger and my parents would say that, I would be like, yeah..ok. Life doesn’t move that fast, here I am waiting to be 18 so that I can do what I want. But here I am, now,┬áin my 30’s and reminiscing of when I was 15. Time really does fly when you’re enjoying every little bit of it and I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing, because if time is flying that means you are filling it with tons of good times and memories.

I couldn’t believe that my little guy has gone from the whole 7.7 lbs he was when he was born to this happy, extremely loud, always hungry, destructive baby! I feel like this past year was a dream it happened so fast; so it only made sense to do a time flies theme for his cake smash. Unfortunately, he did no smashing, remember always hungry.

I swear he at almost half that cake, it weighed as much as him, and he ate HALF. He was like, ‘stupid mommy, why would I throw and squish this cake when I can eat some of it?………. OH WAIT- YOU’RE GOING TO LET ME EAT THIS WHOLE CAKE?!?! Well then I better eat it fast before you take it away. And as you can imagine a meltdown took place when we realized how much cake he actually ate and we tried to pry him away.

Babies know everything, I swear, they understand every emotion, every tone of your voice and act accordingly. LOL.

Happy Birthday Little Man, until next year!!!!

kb_004 kb_009 kb_016 kb_017 kb_023 kb_030kb_024 kb_025 kb_027 kb_033kb_065Enjoy the pics!



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