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Fly Me To The Moon, Let Me Play Among The Stars


We have a looker over here! OH! And those cheeks!!! And he totally knows how to work the camera to his advantage! (check out the last picture! My fave!!!!) Baby K came by the studio a couple weeks ago and we did his sitter shoot! He was all giggles when we played his favorite song! And he was just in love with the fact that he could work us the way he wanted. He’s a boy that knows how to get what he wants! Trust me, the Sitter Shoots are so much fun!! Most people just do newborn and then don’t do anything again until baby is a year. But honestly sitter shoots are such fun, because baby is super interactive and loves to smile and is soooo curious and it results in the cutest pictures.

He was just mastering how to sit on his own, and he was a little wobbly like most babies are when they are learning how to sit alone, but he knew exactly how to get out of his sitter pose and get on his tummy! LOL I don’t blame him, sitting on your belly feels great! He was getting pretty mobile too! Some babies do it all at once, learn how to move and sit at the same time. So getting them to actually sit becomes a chore because they know they can get around and once they learn that its GAME OVER. Hahahaha.

But Baby K was just so adorable I let him do what he wanted because he knew how cute he was and no matter what he was getting what he wanted.

Enjoy the pictures!

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