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Crafty McCrafter

Happy Monday!

How many cups of coffee has it taken you to start functioning today? I’m on my third…..and still tired. I believe that this is the point in the year where most people are fed up. Everything looks like spring except for the weather, you see spring clothing in the stores, spring vegetables in the supermarkets, heck some people have already started seeding.

Unfortunately its still a snowy tundra outside. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the residential areas are a complete mess, you can hardly drive down the road without either seriously damaging your vehicle, or you slip slide all around when your going 5 kph. I don’t want to leave my house because of it. I honestly have been feeling so sluggish and tired for like weeks now. This weather is the most depressing. Next week is spring break for school kids and they are going to be spending it in their snowpants and winter jackets lol. Calgary seriously only has two seasons. Spring and fall don’t exist here. So just incase the kids don’t want to play in the snow anymore I decided to work on some craft projects that we could do together.

So I started googling as usual to see what we could make and then within 5 mins I got lost in newborn photography crafting. I’m a crafter. I love making my own props for two reasons: a) its fun to see what I can actually make on my own; and b) no one will have the same props as me-it will be a one of a kind. Its a win win!

So over the last couple nights I made a couple different things that I have purchased from prop companies in the past, just to see if I could actually make them and I gotta tell ya. I’m quite impressed with how my props came out.

I made some chunky knit bump blankets, a couple fur stuffers and a tieback headband!

Check them out for yourself!!!!


I think I’m going to make a few more and see how they turn out!!!

Then I’m going to need some babies to test them out on!!!

Also I’m going to need some crafting ideas with my kids since I got pretty sidetracked. LOL

owp_12 owp_13 owp_14 owp_15

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