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Boy Oh Boy!

Happy Monday!!!!

Hope you are all doing great on this sunny Monday! Perhaps we can all warm up for a change and have all this snow melt! I don’t know about you but I’m hoping we can get some more spring like weather over the next little bit and just ease our way out of this dreary winter.

If the snow outside melting isn’t enough to put you in a good mood, I know something that will lighten up your day that much more.

Its our sitter session with Mr. Marco!

ThisĀ little guy was a very mobile 9 month old! Once he was comfortable he was all over the place! He loved that he could get out and move my bowls and crates around. He has to be the most mobile 9 month old I have ever seen. He’s going to be walking in no time!!!

I hope you all enjoy some of the pictures we have here of this little guy!

mgn_003 mgn_004 mgn_007 mgn_012

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