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Baby Love, My Baby Love

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying whatever this weather is called. Spring? Is that what this is? Its very confusing, one day it snows, or blows you right off the ground, or pours buckets of water on your head, but in between there are little bursts of sunshine that last about 10 minutes; and in those 10 minutes you notice all the people around you have somehow shed their winter clothes in exchanges for T-shirts and shorts and so you decide to put some open toe shoes on only to walk outside and get your feet buried in snow, when you should have known better. LOL

I’m just itching to be outside. and have green grass around me and the sun on my skin, like I can’t wait for summer, it just better not be like last summer. the most dreadful summer ever.

So of course the second I saw a little bit of sun I had to do some outdoor shoots just to be outside. This growing family loved the idea of doing their maternity session outdoors, just as eager as I was I guess. Unfortunately it was still pretty gross outside. Slushy, wet and icy in some places but we were very cautious and made the most of what we could take.

We were only outside for about 40 mins because in true Calgary fashion the weather went from beautiful sunny 16 degrees, it the wind storm from hell. And this pour little guy was freezing!!! Even though all he wanted to do was play outside. But he was more excited to meet his soon to be little sister!!! Kept telling me all the fun things he was going to teach, the games he wanted to play with her and how he wanted her to meet his favorite school teachers, hahahaha. Kids are the best when they get excited over a new sibling entering the family. But as you can see here, they were all excited and patiently waiting for her arrival so they could all love her unconditionally.


ne_003bw ne_007 ne_001

ne_008bw ne_009 ne_010

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