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Baby It’s You

There are so many baby boys due this year, I feel like I’m the only prego having a girl. I don’t really know if I believe in this ‘they come in waves’ theory. But when I was having my first girl everyone was having girls, and when I had my boy everyone I knew was still having girls with the exception of 2 people who also had boys. But this time around, everyone I have seen or talked to that is pregnant is having a boy!!! So maybe there is some merit to the theory that they come in waves. But this year is definitely the year of the boy!

And the Mena family is part of that wave!! I love seeing clients come back I did their daughter’s newborn pictures a couple years ago, and shes grown so much!!!

We actually shot these pictures only about a week before their little bundle of joy came into the world. He arrived about a couple months early but from what I have heard he is doing very well and growing quickly, thankfully.

I can’t wait to see this little guy, and take some pictures of him as well.



jm_019 jm_016 jm_012 jm_011 jm_009 jm_001

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