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Baby, baby, baby Its A Big World I Know

Yes, that title reminds you of a Bubble Guppies song; its been stuck in my head for days along with the rest of the Bubble Guppies songs. I’m not gonna lie, they are pretty catchy. And I secretly love them lol.

I got to cuddle this little guy over the last couple weeks and he was super delicious!!! He totally took advantage of his food breaks. I have never seen a newborn eat so much, either he knew he could totally milk it (pun totally intended ;)) or we worked him too hard and he was super hungry. I think he was on to us and figured, hey they are going to keep feeding me, I’m going to keep eating.

I so badly want to try all my new boy props on him and all the colors that I love and had picked out prior to him coming into the studio, but the blues looked soo good against his skin and his eyes I couldn’t resist. I typically don’t like doing the whole ‘blues for boys and pink for girls’, but blue works for him soo well.

His sisters were also good little helpers, saying that they wanted to hold him and dress him and burp him and feed him, make sure hes warm and that no one can touch his head because its still really soft…..I asked one of them where did she learn all that and she said you just know when your a mom. LOLOLOLOL I couldn’t stop laughing. Kids are hilarious.

Enjoy the Pictures!!!

ham_0017 ham_0015 ham_0011 ham_0009 ham_0006 ham_0002 ham_0019_1

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