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All You Need Is Love, Love; Love Is All You Need – Donya & Khaled

It has been a busy, busy, busy few weeks and it’s only going to get busier as we approach our brunch next week! If you want details on our brunch, go to our facebook page, Zeenni Photography to get all the information and to sign up!

But it has been soo busy that I forgot to post this engagement party that we shot back at the end of the year! It was actually my cousin’s engagement party and with all the other end of the year festivities going on and all the out-of-towners that were here visiting us we just stepped away from work and got absorbed in all the fun and food that was to be had. It was a beautiful party filled with friends, family and food (great food!).

These engagement parties are always so much fun because its very similar to a wedding without all the fluff that comes with a wedding; plus there is food, and gifts and fun times to be had all around. Also because this was at home rather than a hall (which is normally the case with large engagement parties) it was nice and intimate, which I also loved.

It isn’t hard to see how in love these two are!!! They have known each other since their were kids and there is something so special about a friendship from such a young age that blossoms into something more as you get other. Congrats you two!!! Can’t wait for the wedding!!!

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